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3M Tape : 

  3M Adhesive Tape

  3M Electrical Tape

  3M Double Sided Tape

  3M Adhesive Transfer Tape

  3M VHB Tape

  3M Dual Lock Fastener

  3M Masking Tape

  3M Adhesive

  3M Abrasive

  3M Mask

Other Brand Tape :

  Sicad Tape

  Nitto Tape

  Permacel Tape

  Tesa Tape

  VST Tape

DaTong Adhesive Tape :

  High Temperature Tape

  Acrylic Foam Tape

  Adhesive Transfer Tape

  Splicing Tape

  Skip-Slit Tape


  PTFE Film






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3M Tape

Tape expert---DaTong, We are experienced and knowledgeable. We have been assisting customers with adhesive tape application issues for over ten years. We partner with customers by working with engineers, purchasing, and logistics in an effort to solve problems and design solutions

DaTong - Authorized Distributor of 3M Tape and Nitto Tape

               - Manufacture PTFE Film  with partner;

               3M Tape

The pressure sensitive adhesives we specialize in include: 

3M Tape and 3M Adhesive
Scotch Brand Tape,3M tape
3M Double-Sided Tape 
3M Double-Faced Foam Tape 
3M VHB Tape

3M PE Foam Tape
Double-Faced PET Film Tape,3M tape
3M Double Sided Tissue Paper
3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 
3M Conductive Adhesives Tape
Medical Tape 
Polyester Tape

3M Primer
Acrylic Foam Tape, 
Permanent Bond Adhesive 
Removable Tape 
Bonding Tapes 

Vinyl Tape 
Foil Tape 
Filament Tape 
Masking Tape Jambo Roll
Cloth & Duct Tape 
Flexo Printing Plate Mounting Tape ---3M E1020H, 3M E1015H ;
Repulpable Tape

3M Flying Splice Tape

3M Tape Converting Services





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